About US

Lily of the Valley CBD and Natural Products, LLP is a small family owned and operated business started by Bryan and Jessica Woolard in Newark, Ohio. We’ve been so inspired by CBD products over the last few years that we felt good about opening a business in CBD. We think it’s difficult for someone to sell a product that they’ve never personally used. Every product we offer has been tested by both of us. We want to be able to provide our full honest review. If we felt the product wasn’t of good quality or didn’t help, it won’t be offered for sale. Honesty is the core of our values. We will never give you false claims and will always be open and honest with our customers. Since the FDA hasn’t fully evaluated health benefits from CBD, we cannot legally state what all CBD can help with, so we encourage you to do research and read reviews to determine what will work best for you. Check out our Learning Center for more information.

Beginning in Spring, 2020 we plan to begin farming organic hemp! We will grow each hemp plant individually and hand harvest.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Thank you for supporting our small business!

Bryan and Jessica Woolard