Hemp Farmers speak up after USDA proposed regulations threatens Industry

If this is true, then here we go again. The government can’t do their job and the farmer is going to pay the price again. This time arguing about what percentage of a part to a known healthy plant we can legally buy before we have to pay them more and jump through hoops to access it legally. I really wish all adults would try high cbd hemp for one month, and by this I mean 1 month with oil, salve, or inhaled, depends what is wrong. Of course make sure their doctors are on board and see for themselves what all it helps them with. Granted different strains appear to help with different things since there are so many compounds in it from my understanding. Which if I am wrong please correct me. The leafly app and I believe web site explains a lot of this. There is already a community out there doing their own research and putting it in the comments out what it helps with.

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